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About Corey

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Corey is from the East Coast. "A small town in South Carolina" to be exact. Corey was filmed by one of Dirks other nephews that wanted to get into the porn business a while back. Corey was a Marine at one point. He was a Marine for about a year until he was discharged. I won't go into why he was discharged because, unfortunately, I still have somewhat of a conscious left in me and I would feel bad.
After the Marine Corps, Corey got a job with a phone company working on phone lines.
He is definitely a South Carolina boy! You can tell by the way he talks. His biggest fantasy: "Gettin 2 gurls"
But that hasn't happened to date.


  • Height: 5'7"
  • Age: 20
  • Measurements: 140lbs 7" Cut Cock
  • Fun Fact: Corey fantasizes While fixing your phone lines

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